Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jazzy make-up base and brush cleaner

Just a quick and short post about this product I discovered yesterday. While looking for the Jazzy brow gel, I saw this Jazzy make-up base and caught my full attention since I was eager to buy a face primer/base. And I say, it works for me! My make-up last from 3pm-10pm, cause the wedding ended early and I took a bath of course washed my face.

* 749.00
* consistency: Not liquidy but it looks liquidy, which is a plus for me! When you use it, the consistency is so much like Oil but it isn't and dries quickly which is good for "to go" looks.
* 120ml
* doesnt make my skin oily
* available at SM dept stores

Jazzy brush cleaner

Since I'm here for vacation I really dont have time to clean my brushes just the way I do it. So I tried this product, and it worka pretty well! Good for spot cleaning, and for me that is always on the go. Hahaha

* Php 399.00
* works well
* value for money 8/10
* available at SM dept stores

I love this products!! Glad I found it.. :)

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