Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MUA cosmetics haul (late post)

Hello there gorgeous readers!

This is a super duper late post! I almost forgot about this :(  anyway, yet another haul! I was supposed to make this one before I had my vacation but then MUA was kinda messed up and my order arrived like really late (weeks and weeks and weeks) so I was a bit disappointed since I wanted to bring some of these stuff along with me on my holiday vacation. Anyhow, MUA has been known to sell CHEAP products, they have for just a £ (pound). I discovered MUA by just browsing in the internet, so when I decided to check out their site and they have this ongoing promo "We hit 35k likes on Facebook, 35% discount plus FREE shipping". And check out their website from this day on, I think they're gonna have 50% discount plus FREE shipping since they are nearly getting 50,000 likes on Facebook. So let me show you what I got from them!

- J 

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