Saturday, January 19, 2013

Philippines Haul-idays

Okay, so I still have this Holiday fever and Mrs. homesickness is on my system (yet) again. I miss Philippines! my family, foods, places, definitely everything! 4 weeks was fast, and yes we're back in the cold country where Mr. Sun barely shows :( We just got back but can't stop thinking the time we're coming back in my hometown. I haven't start blogging since I came back cause my baby was and still sick, with cough and fever. I don't know if she was adjusting with the weather, from hot to uber cold. So yeah, family comes first. But hey I'm def back and I'm gonna start by this Haul-idays, this is purely cosmetics/beauty haul, I'm gonna be doing a separate fashion haul, but we were not able to shop till we drop since there was a lot occasions and it was holidays (people are everywhere! mostly in the malls) so I guess we had no time.

Warning: Photo Overload

The face perfection brush set from Beauty Cosmetics, I bought 2 sets. 1 for my friend :)

My first UD product, and I say I would love to have other UD palettes in the future!

BALLMANIA from my Ninang from Canada. Lovin this one since it really helps my lips moisturised and hydrated

I have blogged about this one along with the Jazzy make up brush cleaner

Jazzy brush cleaner

Revlon age defying concealer, oh how I love this one. It conceals and highlights at the same time

Maybelline pressed powder, regret buying this one. I don't know but it does make my face looks so oily. But maybe I can use this here esp with the cold weather, we'll see!

L'oreal Real red lippie from Ninang again,  will try this soon!

L'oreal LUMImagique liq foundation 

Jazzy eyebrow gel, cheaper alternative product from MAC's girl boy brow set

NYX jumbo pencils

Revlon Liq airbrush foundation from my BFF Lira, christmas gift it is!

MAC blush in pink swoon

MAC mineralize concealer in NC20

MAC studion sculpt foundation in NC25

Milani brow fix set in Medium

My mini train case! :)

So there you have it, Photo Porn beauty related haul. If you have questions, with the prices and where did I buy them just leave a comment below. I'll try to remember those details first! hahah

- J 
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