Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's your favorite scent?

Wearing perfume EVERY day was kind of not usual for me. But there was a certain scent that I literally used like everyday, at school, or just when going out. Sharing you my top 5 favorite scents, since I've tried tons of colognes/perfumes, there are certain scents that I would happy to repurchase over and over again.

What I love to repurchase:

5. Clinique Happy heart - mild scent, and I love the smell as it fades within the day.

4. Clinique Happy - the original scent for women by Clinique

3. Clinique Happy to be (Limited Edition) I think it was discontinued 2009? Im not sure. Orange-y smell, not too strong or too fruity! Perfect for everyday use. Was a bit disappointed when Clinique decided to discontinue it. Ugh, I can't explain how much I loved it!!

2. Versace Bright Crystal (Fave scent as of the moment), introduce to me by the seller of perfumes, since I was torn between buying Bvlgari Omnia, or this. But wow! The seller introduced me to a new kind of scent, I'm so loving it now. I like and love how the smell fades, and really lasts long, not just even a day!

1. D&G Light blue (all time fave) - No wonder, I always have this with me. It's just my ultimate fave, maybe because of the "light" scent. I don't know but I love it!

scents I have now, from L-R
Clinique happy approx 48USD
D&G Light blue 85USD from Doha airport
Givenchy - given to me by mother in law
Versace - bought this from an online seller for Php3100 approx 73USD
Juicy perfume- gift from the gorgeous ninang Anne, its a box of 3. I gave the other one to my mom.

How about you what's your favorite scent? Share it by leaving a omment below! I would love to try new scent!! :)

- J 

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