Saturday, November 3, 2012

FOTD simple neutral look

with flash

Products used:

NYX brow cake powder taupe/ash
San-san liquid concealer in #01
MAC prep+prime eye base medium shade
L'oreal quad palette in enchanted bouqet
Lancome eyeshadow palette best of color focus
L'oreal volume million Lashes mascara
L'oreal creme blush 896
Maybelline mineral liquid foundation in shade
Clinique Pressed powder shade 120

- J ♥

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Friday, November 2, 2012

♥ Our Wedding Pictures ♥

Yes, finally sharing our wedding pictures. We got married last March 2012, a civil wedding. I was 5 months preggo that time so obviously you'll see that my tummy is kind of big. hihih

We didn't hire any official photographer, our friend of mine volunteered to take the shots on our day.

showing the baby bump!

Gotcha! LOL

And for my make-up? I did it my own. The perks of having some knowledge when it comes to applying make-up, save money and have the look that you want. :)
Hope you enjoyed the photos :)

- J ♥

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winter is coming to town?

It's the time of the year again as they say, well for me it's my first time that I'll be experiencing winter. So that means snoooooow? Snowman? Snowballs fight? :p Well I think winter is fast approaching, and when we were in Hamburg when it began to snow in Norway. Pfft. But snow reminds me of one of my favorite movies, home alone. I remember, when I was kid I dreamed of playing in the snow and eating them hahahah, and hey I can play with snow now, but definitely not gonna eat them LOL

So for me when there's snow, it means Christmas is just around the corner!! Yay! My favorite holiday ever.. I dont know why but I feel the happiest when it's Christmas (and of course when it's my birthday :p) But this year, I'm not gonna be having a white Christmas but still I'm so excited!!! Why? Cause I'll be "home" for Christmas.. ay ay ay! What a feeling! :') I thank God for that! So, I guess I'll be having a blog about how I'm going to spend my holidays in my hometown.

- J ♥

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L'oreal Volume Collagen Shampoo
L'oreal Volume Collagen Root Lifting spray leave on
Balmshell Lip and cheek tint
Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Day Moisturizer
Rocket City Loose powder
L'oreal Quad palette in Woodrose
Too faced Pink and black pouch
Maybelline Lipstick in #40

L'oreal Volume collagen Shampoo and leave on spray
Balmshell lip and cheek tint. I prefer using this as lip tint, not as cheek tint
Too faced pouch
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L'oreal quad palette in WOODROSE

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Goodluck everyone!! :) ♥♥♥

- J ♥

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hamburg - Berlin vacay + haul

We had our 6-days getaway at Hamburg, Germany. I was with my hubby and baby Julia. Also my in-laws. Hubby's cousins + hubby's 2 pamangkins. So that makes us 5 adults and 3 kids :p 
So Hamburg isn't the main place to go for a vacation in Germany, but it's actually a big city to go shopping and to roam around (compare to Oslo). I remember when my hubby told me, once you live in Norway and you travel in another country, you'll find everything CHEAPER. And YES! It's true! Hahaha Well not "cheap" cheap, just much  LESS of the price compare in Norway. For days, we roam around the city, eat the most famous "german-ish" foods, shopped at stores like Karstadt, Rossman, Real etc. But I found myself so in love with Douglas shop. There, they have all the cosmetics and beauty products you need, name the brand! MAC, Clinique, L.a colors, benefit, Dior, Chanel, Lancome etc. But the counter I fell in love at first sight with was the NYX counter. Why? Cause it was actually the first NYX counter I saw and able to see and try all of their products. Yay to that! 

On our 4th day, we were able to rent a car, so we went to Berlin the following day (Sunday) but too bad, malls and shopping centers were closed cause obviously its Sunday. But we didn't left Berlin  yet cause we were able to roam around, and guess what? There were so many tourists that time so we still enjoyed our day trip there. We saw the famous Berlin Wall, we got to see also the "shopping" streets in Berlin were you can see high-end brands, Hermes, LV, Bally, name it! 

So with this blog I'm going to show you some pictures of the foods, places and things we experienced in Hamburg and Berlin, and also the things I/we bought back there hihih :) 

Enjoy the photos!
Autumn shot

Pappa J and baby J

shopping streets in Hauptbanhof

shoes shoes

I own this shop hahahah

Biggest Apple Store I've ever seen

Baby shop

trying out the best fish and chips in town, and maaaaan it was so gooooooood! a must try!

mad hatter!

yes, KFC!!!

My baby J has her own drink! hahah

Chinese buffet when we visited Tita Celia at Itzehoe

at Berlin Wall

Vietnamese cuisine, i dont know the name of this soup. Tastes like Wanton soup

and some barbeque
Don't forget Bratwurst and sausages of Hamburg. But Käse-griller hotdog, cheese dog sooo delicious with their buns
while waiting for the train
Hauptbahnhof passage

and of course, hubby shopped for these. Cause it's way cheaper in Germany

Yummy Giotto, Ferrero like. but I like this more, bought some so I can bring to Philippines hahahha Mom will def like this

Yes, bought tons of this. Baby wipes hahah

some chocolates, Werther's (mom's fave)

addition to our collection. I decided to buy mugs instead of tumblers this time

cute boxers hahaha

for my Baby J

oh yes, more and more! should make a review about these products. watcha think?
h&m pants, got them on sale for only 5Euro

To sum it up, it was really a wonderful experience in Hamburg, even if it's also cold back there. If ill be given a chance ill definitely go back there, or maybe in another city in Germany. Or maybe in US, cause I think shopping experience in USA will be superb!! Hahaha :) It's so nice to travel, maybe I can share and write blogs about my previous travels like in Bohol, Cebu, Boracay, Hong Kong and Singapore! 

Hope you enjoy this blog!! I hope to see you in my next, which is my mini giveaway! Watch out for that :) 

- J ♥

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