Saturday, March 16, 2013

Affordable organizer from IKEA

I've been so happily-giddy because I found a cute and affordable organizer that I can use for my make-up stash. I really don't have that huge make-up collection/stash or whatever you call it, I just love to buy and play with them in some moments in my life ha ha ha Oh well, who doesn't love to play with colours?

You can also use this organizer for personal hygiene products, perfumes, and other  stuff


Foldable, so its easy to keep and store

My not-so big make up stash 

I'm still looking for a great brush holder that has cover so brushes will be clean as they are stored. For now I used a small box for my face brushes, and other brushes like are stored in a brush roll bag from Suesh. I'm currently waiting for my new brush set which is called "HOPE" series by makeupbytoni. I'm gonna be doing a "What I got for my birthday blog/haul" next and that includes it. 

Thank you for dropping by lovely readers! If you got any request like reviews etc. just comment down below :)

- J 
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