Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winter is coming to town?

It's the time of the year again as they say, well for me it's my first time that I'll be experiencing winter. So that means snoooooow? Snowman? Snowballs fight? :p Well I think winter is fast approaching, and when we were in Hamburg when it began to snow in Norway. Pfft. But snow reminds me of one of my favorite movies, home alone. I remember, when I was kid I dreamed of playing in the snow and eating them hahahah, and hey I can play with snow now, but definitely not gonna eat them LOL

So for me when there's snow, it means Christmas is just around the corner!! Yay! My favorite holiday ever.. I dont know why but I feel the happiest when it's Christmas (and of course when it's my birthday :p) But this year, I'm not gonna be having a white Christmas but still I'm so excited!!! Why? Cause I'll be "home" for Christmas.. ay ay ay! What a feeling! :') I thank God for that! So, I guess I'll be having a blog about how I'm going to spend my holidays in my hometown.

- J ♥

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  1. aww, I've never seen a snow in my life!! T__T I'm loving xmas too, its just the time that all people are happy ^_~

    1. Me too.. I love Xmas!! I think everyone's happy :)


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