Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red lipstick swatches

 Let's paint the town RED. For now, I got 4 different brands and shades of Red lippies. Just because I think it's the best shade that fits me or compliments my skin more. But honestly, I really don't know how to describe each color or what are the difference with them. Since they all just look same red for me. lol

Starting with my favorite shade as of the moment, got this from Isa Dora in shade of Femme Fatale, matte.

It is bright red in color, but when you just take a look at the lippie it looks like its more of blue tone in color but NOT! When I apply it even a single coat, it is bright red. I super love this color! It helps to brighten up my face. It is definitely pigmented. Doesn't wear off easily. 

Second is a local brand from Philippines, Ever Bilena in the shade of STORM (also matte)

I love this shade, I discovered this through one of my best friends. I think this shade can look good on anyone. Fair to dark complexions. The only problem with  the product is, I'm having hard time to apply it. I thought the product was too matte so it's kinda hard to apply, especially that my lips are always dry :P but with 2-3 coats you're good to go! I just apply balm before applying this one to prevent my lips from drying.

If you don't know this brand, it is locally from Philippines, it can be found at any Department stores. I believe they now have an online shop,
Affordable products. As for the quality, I rate them 3.5/5 for this lippie only. But you can definitely check out their other products.

Next one is NYX in shade of Snow white (glossy finish)

This one is also a great red lippie, but I personally don't like glossy finish. Cause with my personal experience, glossy lippies tends to wear off easily than matte. So I like matte more than glossy finish

Last shade I got, MAC in shade of Diva. (Matte)

A dark shade of red, more of blue tone lippie. I personally like how pigmented it is. But for me, I don't use this one at day time, I like this more at night time, perfect for a dinner date with hubby or just a night of catching up with the girls. This shade reminds me of those vampires, Twilight perhaps? Cause it's a dark shade of red. If you're wearing this kind of shade, make sure to minimize the use of dark eye shadows, mascara and liquid liner would be fine to compliment this kind of shade. 

But ladies, always remember that make-up are just tools to enhance your beauty NOT to cover them! Real beauty is not seen on how much make-up you wear or what brand or what color you use. It's better to feel and be at your best even without the most expensive make-up. :) 

Thank you for reading! See you on my next blog! 

- J ♥

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If you want to check out these products, just click on the following links;

Ever Bilena



Mac Cosmetics 


  1. Wow, beautiful pigmented lipsticks lahat ng nakuha mo sis! :) I especially love MAC's mattes cos they're not so drying unlike the other mattes (ehem Revlon!) but I shall try Ever Bilena's matte, rinig ko maganda raw! :)

    Dapat you posted photos of u wearing those vampy lippies! :) Bet ko maganda lahat!

    The Misty Mom

    1. maganda sis ung Ever Bilena, sulit and affordable. You should try it! ill find pics wearing those shade :) I want to try MAC's nouveau lippie, I saw it on your blog pero parang di bagay sakin! haha ill give it a try sa store muna :)

  2. I just started getting into red lips and I really wanna get MAC's Diva! Thanks for the swatches. Followed you! xx

    1. try it sis! it's worth the buy.. also their Ruby woo, if you like super RED:) thanks sis! just keep on reading my blogs, ill be having a giveaway soon! (if i reach at least 20 followers.. lol)

      -J ♥


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