Friday, October 12, 2012

Face routine

This blog is going to be about my current face routine, washing my face and keeping it moisturized. So first let me just make this clear; Everything that is written in this blog is based on my personal experiences. 

Let's start with the facial wash I use, it's called Nivea Soothing Cleansing Mousse.

Nivea soothing cleansing mousse
easy to use pump
Mousse type of consistency
 This is the first cleansing mousse that I've ever used. Been using this for 2 months now, and I'm pretty much satisfied with the result of this product. As for the "soothing" feeling, I think it really has this soft, smooth consistency that when you apply it on your face, you can feel the airy/bubbly effect it has. I bought for dry skin type because if you don't know I live in a super cold country, so my skin tends to dry up. (Oh now I miss my oily skin!) lol 

Next up would be the cream i use; L'oreal Revitalift

L'oreal Revitalift
I use this one before bedtime, but not every night. I just don't like using creams especially the anti-aging type of creams on daily basis. Yes, it makes my skin firm but I don't like to be dependent with such anti-aging creams. I still don't see much effect of this product on my face, maybe because I still don't have wrinkles yet (and I don't what to have!) hee!

Okay so next up, my moisturizer. Olay Moisturizing lotion

I use this before applying make-up, but I'm not saying that you can just use this before applying make-up  cause we must all know that we need to moisturize our face all the time. I also personally like the Cetaphil type of moisturizer. It has good results on me too. 

Good skin is not only acquired by applying creams, you can still have good skin by eating healthy. You know what I mean! Say hello to the Veggie family! Eating veggies can be a natural way to have good skin. But I'm not saying, "hey be a vegetarian!" cause we should know that it is always important to eat balanced diet. Right? Hydration is also a key for having a good skin. And one more important thing is SLEEP.

See you on my next blog! :)

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  1. Love the regimen you use ! :) No fuss, but super effective! Good job sis :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thanks sis!! I visited ur blog.. interesting posts u got.. :)



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