Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lepidor French Macarons

Ahhhhh. It's awesome because I know how to make french macs, but it's different when it's bought in a legit store. Like this Lepidor French macarons all the way from France :) Hubby's cousin just got back from France, and I made "lambing" if she could buy us some vanilla french macs. And poof!! Straight from France, how delicious! Now I'm dreaming of going there, Paris to be exact. To taste the best of the best Macs. I don't know but I just suddenly got addicted to these heavenly sent little sandwiches. They're just uhmm, superb! Anyone here also a macaronholic??? :P Well you can't blame me, cause really it is heaven even with a single bite. Yummmm!!!

look at those heavenly sandwiches
cute leopard box 
- J ♥

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  1. I want some too! Looks delicious. Drool! :L

    1. Ahhhhh it's really good. Gone in 5 minutes! lol


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