Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A sweet gift from a sweet lady!

A very good friend of mine, also my "kumare" ninang of my baby gave me a sweet present, I was so surprised when I open the present. She knows what to give me, since she reads my blog she knew I was into make-up and all. So she gave me this Brush cleaner from The Body Shop, I never knew they have a brush cleaner, just now. And I'm pretty much excited to use it! I was actually planning to buy the brush cleaner from Jazzy collections, but I think I don't need to now. Thanks to my kumare hihi :)
And she also got me a pastel nail polish from Essie in the shade of Sugar Daddy. It's a super cute pastel pink colour, I'm excited to use it too!!

Simple blessings make me happy. Blessed with loving family and friends I mean what can you ask for this Christmas?

The body shop brush cleaner, and Essie Nail polish 

Thanks for dropping by friends!! I'll be gone for a while, but maybe I can post some short blogs while enjoying the Holidays in Philippines. Ohhhhh here I come...... :-)

- J 


  1. wow, I didnt know TBS has brush cleaner too! thanks for sharing! Enjoy your stay in Phils! ^_~

    1. Me too!! I should try out this product soon!! So I can make a formal review, I think its not that expensive.

  2. I love the nail polish color. I think that nude shades look really dainty and clean. :)

    Whatever Eva

    1. Yes, it can compliment any type of skin color too:)

  3. I love the nail polish! Lucky you to have a generous friend! Lol :))

    NEW POST UP: FACE UPDATE: The Dilemma of Having Acne!


  4. have a nice holiday!!! :)
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3

  5. Thank you dear! hope you had warm holidays :)

  6. Much love,
    "Brilliant blog <3


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