Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Brush guards, save save save!

I was wanting to buy brush guards, I know it's not a waste of money cause it will make your brushes last long. But isn't too pricey to buy when you have a lot of brushes? So I found this DIY brush guards that can help you save a lot of money! *Happy me* :)
Things you need:

Non-slip Mat
Pair of scissors

What is a non-slip mat? It's basically just a mat, that you can use in the kitchen or bathroom. You can easily find this at any Grocery or Department store. In the Philippines, you can purchase this at Japan home center, or Daiso shop. If you're familiar with that, I bought mine here in Norway TGR shop for 10kr which is roughly Php70.00. 

It's gonna be easy as 1 2 3!

So let's get started?

1. Cut a portion of non-slip mat, just the right size to fit your brush. Measure it, we want our brush guards to be FIT. If not, it's not gonna help your brushes to be intact and dense. 

2. After measuring the mat, cut the excess.

3. Sew the two edges together, be careful!

Voila! Instant DIY brush guard!

* You can even personalise it by using your favourite colour and the best part is, you can actually save you shrinking wallet! Christmas is coming, you might want to save up! :)

Here's a quick video on this tutorial.

Thanks for dropping by guys!

- J 


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