Monday, November 5, 2012

Affordable make-up favorites

To start off with my affordable make-up favorites, here are just some of the products I've been using for quite some time now.

Starting with Ever Bilena Two cay cake powder, would you believe I started using this products since I was in 2nd year college? Like 5 years ago. And yes, it never fails to give me a great coverage on my face! I remember the first time I bought it it was just for Php120.00, I think now the price went up to Php200.00 if I'm not mistaken. I've been using the same shade ORIENTAL, since then. I love this product! And since it's "two-way cake", you can easily use this one for full coverage simply by applying it on your face with a damp sponge.

Next up, is this brown eyeshadow from Penshoppe. I just forgot how much it is, but i think Php80.00 if I'm again not mistaken. Why I love this product? Simply because it can give me a neutral smokey eye look just by using this eyeshadow. I mean, who doesn't love neutral colors for everyday look?

San-san liquid concealer, is yet another fave product. Aside from it's affordable, it also gives me a good coverage on my eye bags. Or should I say eye luggage?  hahahah My only problem with it is that, I think the shade #1 which I have is too light for my skin tone and the shade #2 that I tried perhaps is darker. What I do is that I blend it well along with liquid foundation using a sponge to neutralize the color.

Next is NYX brow cake powder, I like it because the wax works perfectly with the cake powder. Since I already have thick brows, I just need to do some filling up on my brows. I wish NYX would sell the wax separately, cause it works great with any eyeshadow powder!

NYX Lipstick in shade of Thalia. Oh how I super love this nude lipstick! I can use this all day everyday. It's not drying nor super moist. For me it's perfect for everyday use since it's nude in color.

Elf eyeshadow primer, it's good to apply base before applying eyeshadow colors. First, it enhances the color of the eyeshadow when applied. It makes the color last for hours than using eyeshadow alone. It prevents eyeshadow to crease. Not bad for a Php120.00 worth of eye base.

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