Monday, November 5, 2012

How I clean my make up brushes

So it's been 2 weeks since I last clean my brushes and today I decided to make my first video showing How I currently clean my brushes. I have so many old techniques in cleaning my brushes. One that can work is by using Joy antibac dishwashing liquid incorporating  it with some drops of olive oil. Well yeah, olive oil sounds expensive but you'll just use some drops in one cleaning so you can buy just a small bottle of olive oil and save the rest or maybe try to cook some pasta perhaps? :)

So here are the things I used:

Clean towel
Clean cup
Shampoo/ Baby shampoo
Warm water

1. Put some drops of shampoo into the cup and add some water.

2. Take a dirty brush, dip in the cup and gently brush it on your palm in a circular motion. Do the same procedure with other brushes.

3. Wash the brushes by placing in on warm running water and squeezed out the excess water in the brush.

4. Pat dry with clean towel, and let it dry completely.

For the video, and editing I used iPhone5 so it's not a clean video. Cause I just tried filming anyways :p But it's super handy for doing video blogs. Now, I want an iPhone 5. I regret that I didn't wait for it and insisted to have Samsung s3. :( Oh well, life. hahahah

Thank you for reading and watching! :)

- J ♥

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