Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday month, coming soon

Wow, time flies. I can't believe I'm turning 24 in some months. Getting older, but always young at heart. For my 23 years of exsistence, I can say I pretty much have been through a lot. But I always take things one step at a time.
At this point of my life, I am happy with who I have. Family, friends, they make my world go happily crazy. Couldn't ask for more. :-)
So just to share you the news, IF I'll be able to reach at least 60 followers on GFC before my birthday month, I'm going to have an International giveaway!! Yes!! Gonna be worldwide! If not, one lucky active follower (of my choice) will get something from me.
Still on the process of thinking which product/products to give away!

Help me friends! Simply by leaving a comment below on which item would you like to be given away! :)
*Make-up palette
*Brush set 
*Beauty products
*Health products

If you're not a follower, it's never too late! But please don't follow now, and then unfollow right after the giveaway :(  I want real friends/followers. I want to interact with everyone, sharing the same interests with me. Ladies who know how to feel and look beautiful inside and out. So if you like that, just click the Follow button, I can also follow back :) 

Thanks for reading friends! :-)

- J ♥


  1. Makeup palettes/ brush set! :) Advance happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday! stay gorgeous always!! definitely makeup palettes ^_~

    1. Sis matagal pa.. but thanks! Noted yang comment mo :)

  3. Happy birthday! :> makeup palettes/brush set. :> btw, new follower here. :)


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