Monday, November 12, 2012

H&M + Nivea haul

Here goes an impulsive buyer 
The other day, we went out for Julia's (my little girl) monthly visit to the doctor, and while we were there I got a bit excited because the doctor told us, she can have her first taste of solid food. She's my first baby, so I'm really excited about everything she's going through especially her "Firsts", talking about motherhood :) So after our visit to the doctor, we went to the mall to buy her first solid food, and part of going to the mall is going to h&m shop (hubby knows that). I don't know why, I just like that shop because they got nice collections of clothes, accessories, and they also have "cosmetics" section. hihih They have different brands like L'oreal, Maybelline, Isa Dora, Maxfactor and their own line of cosmetics.

I bought this on sale! Cutie leopard skirt.Me likey!
Black Stockings, cause I don't have one yet.
Maybelline Falsies, black drama. First time to buy this one
Blending sponge, pink
Cotton pads
Nivea double effect eye makeup remover, I love this product!! I have a separate review about this.  
It's not bad to shop and shop and buy and buy, as long as you know for yourself that it's worth the money and you'll be able to use it as well! And even if you have TONS of money, it doesn't mean that you just can buy the most high-end brands, always go for the value, quality and use. :)

- J ♥

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  1. nice hauls! I would love to try the falsies mascara too ^_~ Agree on your point, as they say shop wisely ^_~

  2. I just dont know if its waterproof sis, I bought it cause it was on sale haha. How much ung ganyan sa maybelline store dyan? So excited to shop make up sa dept store hahaha


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